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At KISA we believe that there are two categories of NGOs. There are project based NGOs, meaning that they work whenever they have a project to implement and usually are usually dormant and dissolved when their funding runs out. The other type of NGOs which we think that KISA belongs, are the ones that are essentially working on specific issues that they deem as the core of their existence irrespective of projects but welcoming projects that move along with their goals. We are strongly motivated by our collective commitment against racism, discrimination, nationalism, trafficking and any other type of discrimination and exploitation based on ethnic origin, gender, race and other kind of difference.

The projects and programs that run under KISA can be said to be important for two main reasons. One, is that these projects bring resources to the organization in order to sustain itself and be able to meet the challenging everyday life and achieve its objectives. The second is the joy of working on projects that deal with issues that KISA is concerned, helping directly in its endeavour to meet its goals. We have implemented and are still running various programs that span along several issues such as Asylum, Migration, Integration Policies, Discrimination, Racist Violence, Detention, Trafficking which you can see a few examples in greater detail below.

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