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KISA is a non profit NGO registered with number 2068 in Cyprus under the Law for Associations (Peri Somation ke Idrimaton Nomos).

KISA’s funding sources are mainly European programmes and projects. Other sources of funding are contributions and donations by its members and friends as well as from private donors. KISA also receives very small-scale funding from government departments, local authorities and semi-government organisations in Cyprus for specific activities.

KISA’s financial accounts are screened and approved by the general assembly of the organisation and are audited by external accredited auditors. While the law does not obligate us to share our financial statements, we do so voluntarily. KISA is wholly committed to full transparency and good practice standards in our work and in our financial accounts, and aims to provide honest, open and transparent disclosure.

As a grassroots and action oriented organisation, anyone who shares our vision and values laid down in the constitution of KISA can become an active and equal member.

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