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KISA – Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism categorically condemns the political violence and the fascist terrorism of the far right criminal organisation of National Popular Front (ELAM), during last night’s inter-communal event on the “Potentials of the Resolution of the Cyprus Problem and the re-unification of Cyprus”, which took place in the Cultural Centre Panos Solomonides in Limassol. [1] At the same time, KISA warns the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus that the adoption and implementation of a zero tolerance policy against nationalism, discrimination, racism and fascism is more urge than ever before and that this policy in no case can be restraint only in criminal prosecutions for illegal acts. In contrast, it must be based on a comprehensive and effective strategy for combating nationalism, discrimination, racism and fascism at all levels, from the society, economy and education to legislation, institutions and politics.

KISA, along with other social and political actors, have repeatedly sent out alerts in the past and stressed out that the far right organisations and groups are enjoying a policy of immunity in Cyprus, while the competent authorities are demonstrating a full impunity towards the continuous incidents of racist violence, hate crimes and fascist attacks. [2] Unfortunately, however, the reaction of the government, according to the responsible Minister of Justice and Public Order Mr Ionas Nicolaou himself, is limited to statements like: “it is not possible to confirm the relation of any organisation in Cyprus with racist and or xenophobic action and there are no evidences gathered until now, which are demonstrating that the actions of any organisation or group are promoting xenophobia and racism or are characterized by an extreme nationalism”. [3] The fascist attack that took place yesterday by ELAM comes to disprove with the most clear-cut way the tolerance policy, apathy, inaction and impunity that the executive power and the polity have demonstrated in general.

It has to be noted that yesterday night, at the same time that the fascist attack of the ELAM was taking place, KISA was organizing a seminar in Nicosia on “The phenomenon of the Far Right in Cyprus, Greece and Europe: Considerations, Positions, Recommendations”. [4] Despite the fact that the Minister of Justice and Public Order has been invited to participate and present the policy of the responsible ministry and the government on facing out the far right and combating nationalism, racism and fascism in Cyprus, unfortunately he has chosen to fully ignore our invitation, while he has not even sent a representative of his ministry, at least to attend the seminar.

KISA underlines the fact that apart from the administrative responsibilities of the Cyprus Police Headquarters, the government itself and specifically the responsible minister should recognize and undertake their responsibilities as well.

KISA calls the Republic of Cyprus top recognize the extent, the seriousness and the consequences of the emergence of the far right, as well as the increase of the incidents of institutional discrimination and institutional racism, by implementing actions and measures for combating these phenomena. For the implementation of this zero tolerance policy, KISA repeats its position that considers the cooperation of all stakeholders as necessary, as well as the formation of a “Strategic Plan for Combating Discrimination and Racism”.

Notes for editors:

[1] Among others, the Turkish Cypriot politician Mehmet Ali Talat and many other members of the Turkish Cypriot community were participating at the event. Approximately, one hundred members of ELAM, lined up in the form of a paramilitary organisation, wearing helmets and holding cudgels, in the form of flagpoles with Greek flags on them, went through unperturbed the center of Limassol and walked in the building, where the inter-communal event was organized, while they also threw firecrackers and a torch, which was landed beside the US Ambassador in Cyprus and other politicians. The members of ELAM attacked a Greek Cypriot photographer and injured another Turkish Cypriot journalist, who was covering the event. Unfortunately, the Cyprus Police was not even there and the far right criminal gang of ELAM was left free to shout abuse and terrorizing all those who disagree with its nationalistic, racist and fascist beliefs.

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