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Background information
The project is a part of ENAR’s (European Network against Racism) strategic approach to combat discrimination and racism in employment within the member states. ENAR Shadow report on Racism & Discrimination in Employment in Europe 2013-2017  highlights the problem of systematic racism and discrimination towards migrants and refugees in the field of employment.

The main objective of the project is the organisation of a campaign for the dissemination and promotion of the findings of ENAR’s Shadow Report on racism and discrimination in employment in order to raise awareness about discrimination and racism confronting migrants and refugees in employment, at national and European level.  This campaign will include the dissemination of information about the findings of the ENAR Shadow Report. The campaign will comprise a press conference to launch the Shadow Report in Cyprus, several bilateral meetings with the relevant stakeholders and a public event, in the form of a public or roundtable discussion. Finally, the campaign will use both conventional and social media to raise awareness on discrimination and racism in employment.  The project aims to bring to the forth the structural and underlying unequal treatment, racism and discrimination confronting migrants and refugees in the field of employment

About the Project
Discrimination and racism in employment on racial, ethnic, religious and gender grounds, is a major issue in Europe. One, that instead of improving, seems to be worsening, especially after the disastrous economic crisis of the past few years that still plagues most European countries. ENAR’s (European Network Against Racism) latest shadow report on racism and discrimination in employment in Europe aimed at examining the position of migrants and minorities in European labour markets, addressing issues such as racial and gender inequality, unemployment, access to work, pay gaps and so on. The results revealed structural racism in all European countries, leading to unequal outcomes for minorities in the labour market, which directly impacts their lives, survival as well as their contribution and participation in the community.

The report on Cyprus in particular, has shown that migrant workers systematically earn less by the hour than local citizens and exposed their severe exploitation due to the widespread acceptance of viewing and using migrants as cheap workforce. Furthermore, the results of the report on Cyprus exposed institutional weaknesses highlighting the underreporting of discrimination and racism in employment. The purpose of this campaign therefore, aims at disseminating and promoting the findings of ENAR’s shadow report in order to raise awareness about discrimination and racism faced by migrants in employment. The project ultimately aims at reducing the employment gap for ethnic minority and migrants and ensure member states guarantee equal rights to residents irrespective of status and nationality, through the dissemination of the findings of the report in all platforms, but more importantly through informing and lobbying the relevant stakeholders (public services, institutions and employer associations) in bi-lateral meetings and public discussions.

Project Activities
The project campaign will include activities such as translation of the key finding of the Shadow report, conducting a press conference to launch the Shadow Report in Cyprus, bilateral meetings and workshop with relevant stakeholders, photography exhibition highlighting the employment discrimination and a public event in the form of a public or round table discussion

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