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The management of “Cleopatra” hotel informed us this morning that, after the sharp reaction of the society, it was decided not to allow the event of ELAM and the Golden Dawn in the premises of the hotel. Thus, they cancelled the booking for the event, which was scheduled for tomorrow, 1st of April.

We welcome this important decision by the management of “Cleopatra” hotel, which reconsidered the initial decision to allow the event of ELAM and the Golden Dawn in the premises of the hotel and responded positively to the call of organizations in reaction to that decision.

This decision is indicative of the concerns, sensitivity, and opposition of the society in the dissemination of messages of intolerance, hatred, and racism by the neo-Nazi and fascist ELAM and the Golden Dawn.

It is a victory of the antifascist movement that shows that we cannot and we must not stay indifferent to such challenges.

We thank everyone, who contributed to reach this positive result. We believe that the struggle to stem the tide of ideologies and movements such as ELAM and the Golden Dawn has to be continuous and we declare our commitment to this struggle.

DRASY- Bicommunal Radical Left Cooperation
Work Democracy
KISA-Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism
NEDA-New Internationalist Left
Initiative Against the Fascist Threat

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