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Golden down 2 golden down

ELAM, as a branch of the Golden Dawn, the Greek criminal paramilitary organization, aims to catalyze democratic and human rights and impose to society dictatorship, as its own neo-Nazi and fascist ideology, by force.

Every time that the Cypriot society allowed in the past to constructs such as ELAM to play a role and have a say, it paid a high price. We do not have the luxury and we shall not allow a new disaster struck.

ELAM and the Golden Dawn exploit sensitive and important issues in order to increase their influence and pave the way, so that when they manage to erode the society and the institutions, they can impose their fascist and Neo-Nazi ideology by force.

Under these circumstances, we hereby declare our opposition to and condemn the neo-Nazi gathering that ELAM is organizing in cooperation with Golden Dawn on April 1st at the “Cleopatra” hotel.

Neo-Nazi and fascists of ELAM and Golden Dawn do not have the right to invoke personal liberties and human rights in order to organize activities aiming at the promotion of intolerance and racism and the abolition of such rights.

For the above mentioned reasons:

  • We denounce and demand the cancellation of the event that ELAM is programming and in which paramilitary executives and representatives of the Golden Dawn will participate.
  • We ask from “Cleopatra” hotel not to allow in its premises the propagation of fascist and neo-Nazi ideology, the fostering of intolerance, and the abolition of people’s rights and liberties.
  • We call the employees and their unions to react to the use of their workplace and of their labor in providing services to Neo-Nazi and fascists.
  • We call the public as well as all the institutions to condemn and boycott the event of ELAM and the Golden Dawn.

Finally, we call the public to reinforce the activities of the antiracist and antifascist movement in order to oppose racism and fascism and block the way of ELAM, the Golden Dawn, and their likeminded supporters.

No matter how ELAM and the Golden Dawn mask themselves, they cannot deceive us of their real character and objectives!


30 March 2015

DRASY- Bi-communal Radical Left Cooperation
Work Democracy
KISA-Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism
NEDA- New Internationalist Left
Initiative Against the Fascist Threat

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