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After the decision of the Registrar of Associations rejecting KISA’S request for non-inclusion in the list of Associations to be deleted, it exercised its right under the Law in a hierarchical appeal on 17/12/2020.

Despite the provisions of the Law, according to which the deadline for hierarchical appeal is 30 days and has a suspensive effect on any decisions of the Registrar, the Registrar illegally proceeded on 14/12/2020 and included KISA in the list of organisations which were deleted from the Register of Associations; while on 7/1/2021 the General Director of the Ministry of Interior as the General Superintendent of Associations, rejected the hierarchical appeal of KISA.

On 8/1/2021 KISA registered in the Administrative Court the Appeal 25/2021 together with an interim application for the suspension of the decisions of the Registrar and General Registrar of Associations which has been appointed for service on their side on 15/1/2021.

As it has been announced from the beginning, KISA considers that the decisions of the Registrar of Associations are illegal, based on unconstitutional provisions and blatantly violate the rights of freedom of peaceful assembly, association and freedom of expression, and will proceed with all legal means necessary for their cancellation.

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