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On Sunday, 10/01/2021, KISA – Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism held its online General Assembly with great success.

During the discussion of the proposed agenda, the Assembly added as matter of priority, the outlandish attacks against KISA by the Minister of Interior, which lead to its deregistration from the Register of Associations and Foundations, in violation of the right of assembly and association and freedom of expression. After the discussion of many suggestions and proposals, the Assembly unanimously approved the following resolution:

The General Assembly of KISA, convened today 10 January 2021, stands decidedly against the government’s unprecedented violation of basic principles of the rule of law   with the deregistration of KISA  and thousands other NGOs  from the Register. The Assembly asked the newly elected Steering Committee to fight uncompromisingly for the annulment and/or revocation of the unacceptable deregistration of KISA, by among others pursuing cooperation with other organisations, bodies and individuals, including non-members of KISA. All participant members put themselves at the availability of the Steering Committee for supporting the organisation.

In addition, the Assembly discussed and unanimously approved the report for the work done and financial report of the outgoing Steering Committee as well as the  proposed statutory amendments.

Finally, the General Assembly discussed and decided KISA’s priorities for the immediate future as outlined below.

  • Response to the ever increasing racist and nationalist narrative and hate speech
  • Safeguarding decent living conditions and effective access to fair asylum procedures
  • Restraining and inhibiting the attacks against civil society and the continuing shrinking space for NGOs.
  • Development of a strategic plan for the promotion of the priorities and required actions for their realisation. 
  • Reorganisation and strengthening of KSIA in order to ensure its sustainability and maximisation of the communication and participation of its members.
  • Safeguarding and ensuring that the needs of migrants and refugees are cpvered in the framework of dealing with the pandemic and restraining of its being used by the authorities for violating their human rights.

The General Assembly was concluded with the election of a new 11-strong Steering Committee. With the majority of its members women, the new Steering Committee is comprised of people from different sectors and with different biographies, qualifications and extensive experience in important areas of KISA’s action. The composition of the new Steering Committee reflects KISA’s dedication to the issues of equality and diversity.

Steering Committee

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