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Since the first International Data Privacy Day in 2006, 28 January has been dedicated to the effort of empowering and educating people in the protection of their privacy and personal data whenever surfing or purchasing goods and services on the net.

Young people across Europe are increasing their use of the WWW every day – seeking information, purchasing Apps, or simply using the current social networks. Sometimes they perform these Web=based activities under supervision, or with the approval of their parents and teachers, and sometimes without.

Even the notion of such guidance indicates that young people represent the most vulnerable strata of European citizens when considering data protection issues, and so they need levels of protection and specific information that addresses their special vulnerability to data being misused, youthful indiscretions being locked into their digital footprints, or their rights being ignored.

Through this statement, we wish to underscore the importance of prioritising a culture of  ‘good online citizenship’ and safety for young ‘netizens’, whether the messages to this end be communicated from the European Commission, from public authorities, or from adult citizens such as parents and teachers.

On 28 January, being International Data Privacy Day 2014, the IOR project in collaboration with all of its associate organisations wishes to send a clear message that identifies the importance of investing time in guiding our young people towards becoming more vigilant concerning their digital footprint.

Financed via the Daphne Initiatives by the EU, and with the involvement of 27 organizations from various states Europewide, the IOR project remains committed to raising awareness on the appropriate use of the social networks among young Europeans aged between 10-17.



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