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On Saturday, 02.05.2015, at 8:00pm, there will be a screening of the documentary “Palikari: Louis Tikas and the Ludlow Massacre” at Faneromi Square in Nicosia. The documentary is a Greek production of 2014 and it tackles labor relations in early 20th century America, through the story of the Greek migrant and trade union activist Louis Tikas. The screening is organized by Drasy-Eylem, KISA, and Ergatiki Dimokratia. The entrance is free.

The Ludlow Massacre and the murder of the Greek migrant and unionist Louis Tika is one of the most important moments of the US labor movement. The producer, Lamprini Thomas, and the director, Nikos Ventouras, sought the memories, the history, and the heritage of Louis Tika and Ludlow in Colorado. They interviewed historians and artists, some of them direct descendants of strikers, recording the evidences that contributed to the formation of the American labor movement through labor demands and a tragedy, the memory of which many tried to repress.

The story that Palikari recounts is important in our days, for Cyprus, Europe and the whole world. It highlights both the importance of labor movements at a time that rights, which had been obtained and were considered for granted, are now into question, as well as the urgent necessity for Cypriot and migrant workers to organize together in order to (re)claim their rights.

Palikari has been awarded as the Best Greek Documentary of 2014 and for the Best Original Music in Chalkidas Documentary Festival. It has been also included in the Official Selection of Thessalonikis Documentary Festival. The documentary has been screened in many countries, including the USA, Greece, Turkey, and Australia.

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