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In the framework of 21 March, International Day Against Racism-, KISA-Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism organized a Seminar that focused on three basic issues– racism, violence and gender equality, their intersections and how they concern and influence migrant women.

The seminar took place on Sunday, 22nd March 2015 in Holiday Inn Hotel in Nicosia

This event is an action of the transnational project INTEGRO, which is co-funded by the European Commission and seeks to advance cooperation between all relevant stakeholders and organisations, including migrant organisations, for the promotion of the effective integration of migrant women and men.

An important objective of the project, as it has been developed through discussions and other exchanges between many stakeholders and with the active participation of migrant women, it is the set-up of a migrant women’s forum, which will be an important tool for the participation of migrant women in society.

The focus of the meeting on the issues – racism, violence and gender equality- stems from the priorities that resulted from the aforementioned discussions and secondly from the fact the in these topics important strategies and specific actions concerning women have been developed on Member states level and European Union’s level.

The question to be posed at the seminar is whether and how these strategies and actions are effective and especially whether they take into account migrant women and the specific issues of concern to them. In addition, how they could, through the active participation of migrant women, be changed so as to incorporate more effectively the specific issues and needs of migrant women.

In the second part of the seminar, working groups discussed the above issues  and, with the active participation of migrant women, draw conclusions and develop proposals that will respond to their needs and expectations. These conclusions and proposals subsequently formed part of discussions and consultations in the framework of formulating the future priorities and actions of the migrant women’s forum.

Conference agenda:

Draft seminar agenda

Participation form:
Participation Form 22.03.2015


Despite the fact that Sunday is a difficult day we consider that it is imperative due to the fact that migrant women and especially house workers have day-off only on Sundays and they can actively participate.

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