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1. The number of administratively detained irregular immigrants and asylum seekers is significantly reduced compared to the prior to 2015 period.

2. The detention conditions diverge from the relevant legislation, regarding not only the international standards and the CPT recommendations, but also the governmental declarations1 of February 17, 2015. In particular, we observed:

• Use of detention areas that the CPT has deemed inappropriate for more than a few days detention as well as use of the Special Juvenile Detention Center in Amygdaleza which has been declared inappropriate for the detention of minors

• Inadequate maintenance of the facilities

• Lack of yard time

• Inadequate healthcare

• Lack of support by social workers and psychologists

• Inadequate and poor quality feeding

• Inadequate heating/ cooling conditions

• Lack of provision in clothes, shoes and personal hygiene items

• Lack of recreational activities

• Lack of interpretation services

• Lack of information to the detainees regarding:

– their legal status; – the Rules of operation of the detention centers – the impending forced return

• Lack of free legal aid

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