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Open daily for coffee, drinks, WI-FI Spot from 15:oo

The Social and Cultural Centre is situated in 48, Arsinoes street in the old part of the city of Nicosia. It is located in an old house  and is thought to be one of the most vibrant social centres across the country, with lots of events, combining relaxation, play with learning and fun with concern about social change! Anyone can be part of this  enthusiastic community.

The social and cultural centre is an endeavour to bring people from various cultures and backgrounds together, create a social space open for dialogue and interaction between them and engage actively with the movement or just relax and enjoy the cafeteria services. Beverages that reflect the multicultural idea and diversity will be available, as well as snacks and foods from various cultural backgrounds for very reasonable prices.The aim of this social centre is to provide society with a multi-purpose space for building an environment of diversity, respect, cooperation and solidarity; in essence a microcosm of the direction we would like to see our society progressing towards.

There would be music from various cultures and parts of the world, as well as information point as to KISA’s work, where volunteers can help in the shaping of the social and cultural space. The rooms are divided for different purposes to ensure smooth and practical ways to use the space by those who are interested.

The centre has for a while now been screening every  a film about various issues that KISA is engaged with such as migration, gender, trafficking, racism, discrimination, asylum etc. The screening room as well as another one are available for rent for a very small amount.

The prospect is to be open on a regular basis most of the days of the week and expanding the variety social functions, to activities such as workshops, training and other events that can take place and to bring together members of our society from all backgrounds and sharing their skills and talents. In the times of economic crisis we too want to help people by offering cheap meals during lunchtime and a place where children and adults can hang-around for hours studying, relaxing or engaging in some kind of activity, always within a diverse environment of acceptance, understanding and solidarity. The objective is to provide people, regardless of their ethnic origin, or any other “differences,” the opportunity to participate in various and diverse activities, as well as to enable individuals to share their knowledge, culture and traditions.

We are inviting all to come, embrace and even get involved in this endeavour!

KISA Social & Cultural Centre Opening Event Video
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